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Hey guys, I'm Dr Matt Shelly with Geaux Chiro here in Hammond. We have D'ann here. As we're looking at posture, that's one thing that a lot of clients or crossfitters come in and they have lower back pain, tightness in the hamstrings and it hurts them on certain lifts, not all the time, but just on certain key lifts. The biggest thing as we look at posture, is going be anything in our lower back, if it's hyper extended, we looked for Quad dominance. With D'ann, you can really see it's very prevalent there in her quad. Much more tone there than in her hamstring, which creates a little bit of an imbalance which is going to lead to that anterior pelvic tilt, puts a lot of compression on her lower back and therefore when she does a certain move, whether it be a deep squat position or just any kind of heavy pulls, she's going to feel pain here and all the pressure there as opposed to feel in her hip where she should. So that's one thing we're going to focus on, is trying to free up the quad and strengthen the hamstring. Not that she's weak in the hamstring, it's just a bad balance, so quad the hamstring ratio, and then at our core we're going to reverse that pelvic tilt and going to work the psoas, lumbar paraspinals, probably adjust her and over time with some training and some improvement, she should see any back pain that she has from particular lifts clear up. I'm Dr. Matt Shelly, thanks for watching. Please like, please share, Geaux Chiro.

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