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Hey guys, I'm Dr. Matt Shelly with Geaux Chiro. We're here with D'ann and we're looking at her calf, her plantar fascia, and a little bit of her arch. So as you look, one of the things that you want to look for, are you getting some pronation issues? Anytime we have plantar fasciitis normally our focus is the foot, but I guess for me, calf muscles are probably your number one to go after. So, and she doesn't have a lot of pronation when she walks, but basically anytime you plant your foot, you would start to see that caving in, possibly external rotation. Let your foot kind of rotate out, D'ann. Like you're spinning out. Yeah, it'll turn. And you're basically getting that pronation. They're like, that's the movement happens. We run when we plant sometimes just walking. So the easiest way to fix that and have you go flat on your belly for me.

Okay. So working in the foot is also your main focus. Right, but we want to hit the calf. That's where these big muscle groups support the foot. So a lot of times we get in here and we'll find that adhesions, whether it be in the Achilles, a little north of that or deep to the gastroc and soleus. So you can see when I put tension in this muscle, see how we get some dimpling and hopefully you can see that that's adhesions, that scar tissue. So essentially all I'm trying to do is I'm going to work through this movement, break that tissue up. The great thing about the calf is a big vascular muscle. So after I've put enough tension there and get these tissues slide and gliding by themselves, they're not all stuck together. This will function better, which will support the foot. And a lot of times when she plants, it'll get rid of that pronating or supinating movement, which going to, cause ankle or plantar fascia pain. I'm Dr. Matt Shelly with Geaux Chiro.
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