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Hey guys, I'm Dr. Matt Shelly with Geaux Chiro. We have D'ann here and we've been talking about her overhead position or overhead squat position. So I'm going to have D'ann get into an overhead position, arms straight overhead. One thing that we look for is basically, is she in line? So if I stand to where I can see, you can almost immediately see how her left arm travels a little bit greater distance than her right side does. Some of that is going to be thoracic movement, mid back movement, but a lot of it is going to be the freedom in her lat. So if we're working out and we have big pulls, toes to bar, big sets of kipping or butterfly pullups, this muscle just really gets banged up and it causes this tightness. We can't get that freedom to get in that position she needs to be in to do an overhead squat. Go ahead and relax for me. Go back into the position, back into the overhead, and then kind of get into an overhead squat. Okay, come back up. So not to dissect her squat, but just to dissect this position where she's at. The biggest thing, go ahead and relax this arm. The biggest thing that you can do, and it's real simple to do, is to free up the lat, free up some of that muscular adhesion right through here, that'll give her some more movement and allow for some more freedom. Remember, the lat is a internal rotator, so wants to hold her in this position. So the last thing it wants to allow is for her to kind of open up and get into that overhead squat position or just overhead press position. So for this issue, if you find like in your squats, your squatting and creating a little circle, it's probably because of tightness - especially on your dominant side - after big sets of pull ups, toes to bar. So work on the lat, free that up and then test and assess it again. Have somebody watch you. I'm Dr. Matt Shelly with Geaux Chiro.

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