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Hey guys, I'm Dr. Matt Shelly with Geaux Chiro. I have D'ann here, she's going to help us out and be our person for the day. So we're looking at D'ann this way for me. As we try to assess curves and posture and certain movements. Our mid back I thoracic spine is probably what, like the, I call it the granddaddy of everything. If you're restricted here and you're not creating much movement, then you're going to compensate above and below, which you're going to create a lot of pain, neck pain and back pain. So one way to free that up, it's just to adjust the mid back and create better movement right there and her thorax. So what I want her to do, it's kind of do one quick demonstration, make sure your feet are together for me and bend like you're going to touch your toes. So a lot of times what'll happen is patients will flex and all the flection happens here where she still maintains a little lordosis here where we don't see that flexion in the lower back. So when we had to stand her up, go face up for me. Big deep breath in for me and let it all out.

That's one thing that's very simple for us to do in the office. And what it allows - you can relax your arms a little bit to breathe for a second - it allows for her to get good movement in our mid back. Adjust that part of the spine and hopefully when she's moving, whether it be flexion or even - D'ann CrossFits - even if it's something in the gym, it allows her not to have restriction in one area and have to compensate another area. Thanks for watching. I'm Dr. Matt Shelly with Geaux Chiro.

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