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Hey guys, I'm Dr. Shelly with Geaux Chiro and I want to demonstrate a lat stretch for you guys today. We have D'ann here. She's going to get into the position. So basically you get your foam roller and just prop up against it and then whichever side you're going to work on - so she's going to work on her right side - I'm having her rotate about a quarter turn, I guess, toward that side. She's going to fight to get her palm up. The foam roller is going to be just beneath the shoulder blade. You don't to roll on the shoulder blade, it's a little uncomfortable. So you'll notice a very simple thing if you get it in the right position, it feels really good - kind of a good hurt. Go ahead and roll the end up and down. She'll try to find that spot.

You keep fighting to keep the palm flat, keep it up. Remember the lat's an internal rotator, so when we get it up we want to really get it and externally rotate, just the opposite of what it's doing as she rolls. You should do that for, I don't know, 10-15 seconds. And she's trying to just grind through the muscle and create freedom and that should feel pretty good. Go ahead and relax, let's do the other side. Good. You feel that pretty good? So you'd do both sides. Creates balance, it helps open up, takes pressure off the lower back, takes pressure off the shoulders. Freeing the lat is an amazing thing because it helps with not just your shoulders, not just with the lower back, just does a little bit of everything. That feels pretty good? Yup. So try and do this often. You can do it a few days a week, I would recommend, and that will help create better movement in your overhead positions. I'm Dr. Matt Shelly with Geaux Chiro.
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