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Hey guys, I'm Dr. Matt Shelly with Geaux Chiro here in Hammond, and I have D'ann here. We're talking about knee pain. More often than not, knee pain is non-traumatic. You know, if we're running, if we're doing box jumps, squatting, sometimes just sitting in a desk for long periods. As you can see here in D'ann she has really dominant quads and out of the four quad muscles, the lateral structures, the way the quad attaches to the hip, everything shifts laterally. So what basically going to happen is this structure, this structure is going to overpower the media of structures, making the kneecap shift a little bit to the outside - more often, lateral tracking, Patella issues, runner's knee, they call it sometimes. It'll create this soreness or tension right through here. It can also create a pain down the side of the leg or an IT band pain right through here, which is probably more common.

So what we're going to do with D'ann, we're going to work a lot through her quad, basically creating movement as I work her through some ranges of motion. Right? You can easily do that with a foam roller, sometimes a pen roller, certain stretches that'll help free up this part of the quad. One big thing in the office we also do is a lot of adjusting. So I'm gonna grab through here and yeah, you just relax for me. Okay. Let me give a little tug, pull there, and then I'll just do a nice little knee adjustment agin. Let that fall. Okay, beautiful. So between the adjusting and the muscle work, we'll basically try to reset that joint, allow it to track properly, and once it tracks properly, then that inflammation will calm down. Sometimes we can treat pain with ice, heat, sometimes electrical stem, but all in all, after a couple of weeks, we'll clean that knee pain right up. Again, I'm Dr. Matt Shelly with Geaux Chiro.

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