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Hey guys, I'm Dr Matt Shelly with Geaux Chiro and we're gonna work on a hollow hold position basically neutralizing the lower back spine. One of the biggest things that I find that clients have, patients have, crossfitters have, that is it real deep, lower back hurt or just a weakness to the core, not that they are weak, just that core weakness when we're doing certain movements. So the hollow rock or the hollow hold or the hollowing out when you're not a kip movement is probably the easiest way to fix it, which is also kind of what fines in the gym. So we have D'ann here, she's going to help us out. Go ahead and get into a hollowed position for me so if we all can see how her goal is to maintain one C-shaped curve neck, mid back and lower back and maintain like I can't sign my hand under her lower back, but a lot of people struggle and they fail.

So go ahead and relax there and they'll maintain where they think that they're still hollowed because they're upright in that position, but they still don't have a neutral spine. She's lost that curve, so one way to fix it, which makes it very simple and very easy for you as the patient, you as the crossfitter, go and bring your arms up. So again here, locked out, kind of a hand right over the note or over the chin. She's still going to point her toes that direction and I'm going to resist and she's going to engage as she engages here. The brain activity creates a whole general motion to lock everything in. Should we be a little stronger and be able to hold that longer? Okay, so go ahead and then engage here. She'll maintain core. It'll be easier for her and at the same time she's engaging this, she's getting that core stability and it's just telling her brain.

This is where my low back needs to be when I'm doing other movements. OK, go ahead and relax. So if you're doing a push press, push jerk and on the way down, it's hard for you to understand, well, how do I hold? How do I engage? If we're doing the kettlebell swing and the weight's swinging you around, we can't neutralize this and keep ourselves in line. This is probably the best exercise to do, it's very simple and doesn't take much time. If you don't have a person to resist you, get inside the rig in the gym, the more narrowed area, and you could just use each side and just use two hands and engage that direction. Thanks for watching. I'm Dr. Matt Shelly.

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