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Hey guys, I'm Dr. Matt Shelly with Geaux Chiro. We have D'ann here and we're going to be working on some cervical or neck complaints. Whether it be traumatic, like a car accident, maybe you sit at a desk for long periods, it could be anything. But if you're complaining of kind of that neck to shoulder pain, a lot of times it's one particular muscle as the levator scapulae muscle, which attaches right here to the shoulder blades. So posturally that's kind of important to work on. So basically to make a few moves to free up that muscle - D'ann just let that arm nice and relaxed for me, good - and all I'm trying to do is pull it through the muscle as I create range of motion just to restore some, some freedom in that area. Just reduced the, uh, the tension or any potential adhesion there. So we'll free up and I would do the opposite side just to kind of create a better balance in her posture and her shoulder blades. 

Now go ahead and lay on your back for me real quick. So now I'm going to adjust her. And really all I'm doing is I'm looking for any kind of tension, any spot that's not moving. And basically you feel that right there. Okay. She's a little bit lax on the left side. Good. So between the muscle work and the adjustment, we can make the change. A lot of it is trying to free up certain areas so she can kind of get back. I know a lot of times I'll coach my my patients like fix your posture, sit up tall, just to kind of be better at your desk. But it's hard to do when you're tight and tense. So this is one simple way we can do it. Um, if you have some neck pain, if anything, so if you're suffering there, look for me. I'm Dr. Matt Shelly with Geaux Chiro.
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